Super Awesome Fantastic Day

Recently I was looking to not have a boring day. I wanted to do something amazing, something exciting, and something fun. Not just have another day where I sit on the couch and watch Netflix. I called my brothers and we went to a movie. That was fun and all, but it was not enough for me. So I called a friend of ours to see if he wanted to play basketball. Now remember it was 90 degrees out with high humidity so not sure what I was thinking. So he said yes and we went to a local park.

This was what I was looking for. Basketball with friends was just the excitement that I needed. We played two games and switched the teams for each. Now my younger brother, I am not sure how this is possible, he did not really know how to shoot a basketball. He was doing more of a soccer throw when you’re throwing it in bounds. Two hands over your head. There was no backspin at all. I took a moment and showed him how to throw it. So of course he makes a couple of shots in the second game and they win. I was on the losing team both times. I think this means I am a better teacher than player.

Playing basketball was fun and amazing. I hadn’t played in years and this made my boring to day into a super awesome fantastic day.

I highly recommend you get out there and play.


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